The PrimeTime Essence Experience

October 18 – 20, 2019
Mission Bay, San Diego

If you’re anything like the remarkable women I work with, you’ve spent half your life achieving mastery. You’ve finally got yourself all figured out. And you’re ready to play all-out: to go pro, be seen, expand your impact, express yourself artistically, or level-up financially.

You’re ready to give yourself a frickin’ chance.

But you’re just not sure exactly how to make it happen… or where to get the nerve.

I’m Juju Hook. I help women entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders build brands that turn midlife into PrimeTime.

Because, Baby… If you could see yourself the way I see you, then you’d know that YOU’RE A STAR.

Are You Ready to Create a Brand that Can Support the Size of Your Potential?

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve been running your business or rocking your leadership role for a while, and you’re dying to make a leap in terms of income, visibility, or client base, but you second-guess yourself or you sometimes feel like a fraud
  • You hear the call to something greater or suspect that you’re on the verge of “something more”– but it feels unclear or even silly… and so you hesitate
  • You’ve heard the talk about a “brand,” and suspect you might need one, but you’re not even sure what the hell that means
  • You don’t know how to articulate what makes you a one-of-a-kind, mind-blowing, market-leading badass—you’re missing the words to pitch your products, inspire folks to buy, or tell a great story
  • You long to be surrounded by women who inspire you, cheer for you, have your back, and make you better—you’re over “fake and judgey” and down for real connection
  • You’ve allowed your own fears or the judgments of others (real or imagined) to define you—the cruel voice in your head runs the show more often than you’d like to admit
  • It’s uncomfortable to “ask” for business or advancement—you want to make the big bucks, but you want people to like you even more

How Would it Feel to Stop Selling Yourself Short, Own What Makes You Magnificent, And Get 100% Comfortable with Selling It to the World?

Over the course of 3 incredible bayside days, you will:

  • FIND YOUR BRAND JUJU: Become crystal clear on the “one thing” that sets you apart from everyone else—so you can own your #1 position
  • CRAFT YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH: Build yourself a PrimeTime pedestal, find the audacity to jump on it, and craft the signature message you’ll shout to the world—so you can pitch yourself or your business in any situation (without the pit stains)
  • TELL YOUR PRIMETIME BRAND STORY: Construct a captivating story that showcases what you do and how it’s 100% unique—so you can rock your website, videos, interviews, networking opportunities, emails, and more
  • GET COMFORTABLE WITH THE INVITATION: Get clear on the value of what you have to offer and how to say it in an elegant way—so asking for business, exposure, or advancement will make you feel like a beautiful badass
  • UNCOVER YOUR PRIMETIME ESSENCE: Learn to express your essence visually—so you (or your team) can design marketing and social materials that actually contribute to your financial success
  • CREATE YOUR PLATFORM STRATEGY: Decide which social networks or “in-person” platforms are right for you—so you can show up where you most shine (and where your ideal client is waiting) and stop feeling pressure to be everywhere at once
  • WRITE YOUR 6-MONTH BRAND PLAN: Learn the brass tacks of what it takes to build a break-through brand and write a plan—so you can implement like the PrimeTime star you are
  • MEET YOUR PRIMETIME POSSE: Create real bonds inside a community of like-minded, powerhouse, PrimeTime women who will cheer you on, walk alongside you, and talk you up—so you can feel comfortable shining your shine, sharing your wins, and asking for help when you need it

I’m Juju, and before I could create a business and a life that could do my dreams justice and set me on fire every morning, I had to get the hell out of my own way. And then I had to build myself a “real” brand, so I could show the world that I meant business.

I created the PrimeTime Essence Experience to show you what it really means to create a brand that transcends.

I’m not talking about logos, colors, and fonts, here. I’m talking about reaching deep inside you to find and then OWN what makes you and your business truly extraordinary. And then expressing that magnificent you-ness at the level of visibility required to live out your dreams.

For more than thirty years, I’ve been building brands. I started in the financial industry and built big, glossy identities as a corporate exec for nearly ten years. I owned a strategic branding agency for fifteen more. And then I “took my show on the road” with an online branding program designed specifically for entrepreneurs. I’ve got an undergrad in creative writing and an MBA, and more experience helping business owners express themselves than you can shake a stick at.

But branding isn’t my only jam. In 2015, at the age of 47, I had a break-through (following a break-down) about my potential as a midlife woman. And I set out on a journey, talking with hundreds of midlife women “on the verge.” Women who aspire to something more. Women who are ready to break through, break out, and show their stuff in a way they’ve never done before. And I’ve come to understand that as midlife women, we’re plagued by some pretty nasty beliefs about our value as we age.

So I developed an approach to branding specifically for midlife women that’s different than any other you’ll find: it’s equal parts strategy and soul-searching. It’s rooted in self-confidence and resilience every bit as much as tactics and messaging.

In response to my work with midlife women, I wrote my first book, Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—The Quintessential Guide to Turning Midlife into PrimeTime. I launched two blogs and several online courses. I developed a following of nearly 50,000 people. I established a coaching practice and started speaking from stage. And I made the inspired choice to share my 25 years of branding juju exclusively with PrimeTime women. In short, I SHOWED UP FOR MYSELF. And at 52 years old, I’m better than I’ve ever been.

Here’s the great news: you can show up for yourself, too. And I’m dying to help you.

If you want a PrimeTime brand, you’re gonna have to own that you’re a STAR.

Look, you’re on the verge for a reason. You’ve done the work to obtain mastery. You’ve put in the hours to carve out a level of success that’s legit. You’re the real deal.

And so you HEAR THE CALL. (It only comes to those who can answer it, my friend.)

But that next level? It requires expansion. And expansion takes awareness, and confidence, and a whole lotta nerve.

If you wanna break through and live out the dream, you’re gonna have to BLOW UP the way you see yourself… and then SHOW UP in a way that makes everyone see that you’re the bee’s knees.

Introducing the PrimeTime Essence Experience

A 3-day event to brand your heart and soul

I created this experience for PrimeTime women entrepreneurs on the verge. You already have the goods.
But this is something altogether different.

It’s not about you
looking the part.

It’s about you OWNING the role you were born into.

It’s not about you
saying the right things.

It’s about you BEING exactly who you were meant to be.

It’s not about you
doing what it takes.

It’s about you TAKING what’s yours and serving at an entirely new level.

During this intimate, soul-level experience of your own essence, you’ll discover the gorgeous “sweet spot” where your one-of-a-kind gifts intersect with the deepest hopes and dreams of the clients you long to serve.

PrimeTime Branding Is an Act of Bravery—Strategy Isn’t Enough

So During the PrimeTime Essence Experience, You Will:

  • OWN IT: Get real about what makes you a PrimeTime star
  • SAY IT: Become comfortable with shouting it from the rooftops… or in the boardroom, a phone call, a webinar, or wherever else you need to
  • BELIEVE IT: Uncover your most closely-held and self-defining beliefs and values so you can build real connections with clients and colleagues who share them
  • UNTANGLE IT: See the bullshit stories that keep you stuck and rewrite them to set yourself free
  • PITCH IT: Find a way to pitch and sell that feels easy, not sleazy
  • MAKE IT YOURS: Choose marketing and sales tactics that turn you on, instead of turning your stomach
  • GET AFTER IT: Understand that everything leading to this has been dress rehearsal… and your time is NOW

During these three days of digging deep and stepping up, we’ll chill at The Point on Mission Bay in the heart of sunny San Diego. A 20-minute drive from the San Diego International Airport, you’ll be smack-dab in the middle of the quintessential “beach scene” with ample opportunities to explore, soak up the sun, participate in water sports, shop the local boutiques, and sample some of the city’s best cuisine.

Just a short walk from the waves and the boardwalk of Mission Beach and the iconic shops and rollercoaster at Belmont Park, you’ll settle into the laid-back, surf-loving lifestyle of America’s Finest City.

Whether you’re looking to scale your visibility and influence, up-level your income and client roster, emerge as a thought-leader or industry expert, or be a catalyst for change and transformation, through an entirely unique combination of group workshops, exercises in self-discovery, experiences that push you to your own edge, and hot seats that facilitate transformation, you’ll develop the clarity, confidence, and understanding of true strategic branding to take massive action toward your wildest imaginings.

The Essence Experience is not a lesson in marketing. Rather, it’s a profound interactive experience directed at unearthing what makes you truly exceptional and empowering you to speak it aloud.

As an added benefit of this soul-centered event, you’ll become part of a community of powerful midlife women who are on the verge. Together you’ll share breakthroughs, laughs (and possibly tears), invaluable insights, and beautiful forward movement toward creating a brand big enough to house your business and your future dreams.

The PrimeTime Essence Experience Includes:

  • 3 days of brand discovery and mastery with Juju (10 am – 6 pm) at The Point
  • Quintessential “San Diego” lunches served on-site each day
  • An afternoon of activities on the bay (or lounging in the sand)
  • Transportation between The Dana Inn and The Point


Flights, sleeping accommodations, breakfast, and dinners are not included in retreat pricing.


I’m Ready to Express My Essence to the World!
I’m In for The Experience!

3 Payments of


Payment in Full


Seats are limited to a maximum of 50 participants

By the end of your PrimeTime Essence Experience, You Will:

  • Be crystal clear about your “one thing” and confident in telling others what sets you apart
  • Understand what branding IS, and what elements are necessary for your next level
  • Have tools and practices to naturally and authentically create meaningful connections with prospects you want to serve
  • Develop a community of powerhouse midlife women who totally “get it,” and are doing it, too
  • Dig deep and play hard in the surf, sun, and sensational vibe of Mission Bay, San Diego

“Juju has that uncanny ability to draw out what I didn’t know was there. She has an amazing gift for facilitating deep transformation, whether it is with an individual or a group, leaving people with hope, a clear direction, and inspired action. She’s also funny and smart… maybe the biggest smarty-pants you’ll ever meet. When you have Juju on your team, you’re unstoppable.”

– Pam Dibbs, Executive Coach and Comedic Speaker

“Before I met Juju, I was getting clients here and there, and wherever I could get them… but there was no strategy behind it. I had thousands of ways of articulating what I did. And I would just talk, and talk, and talk. Juju helped me distill my message through exercises that uncovered who I am as a person, and what I care about as a human. She is an extraordinary expert. Not only in the field of branding. She has the ability to really dig deeper and facilitate the uncovering of things I never expected. After my work with Juju, I left my full-time job, opened my own business, replaced my salary, and gave myself the freedom to do what I want, how I want, when I want.”

– Julie Veitch, Inner Core

“Juju’s heart-felt guidance creates a cone of safety for women to share their deepest fears, transforming embarrassment or shame into the undeniable truth about our radiance. I discovered fundamental illusions I had about my worthiness (feeling like a fraud), which Juju transmuted to an acceptance of my intelligence and power… so that my soul could own it.”

– Joy Osaka-Lu, Founder, One Ripple

“I first reached out to Juju because I was having trouble trying to communicate my message to my ideal clients. It seemed that the words that were important to me were not resonating with them. I had spent four months investing in radio advertising, running between 60 and 80 spots per month, and never got a single client. I love the way Juju teaches. She breaks things down so simplistically—but totally digs deep. And once I began implementing the changes in my message, it turned my business around. Juju helps you find clarity so fast. I became incredibly confident and felt so empowered because I was taking my business to a whole new level. Over the course of a year, my business grew by 900%. And the customers I got were customers who stayed.”

– Michelle Vaeri, Founder, MV Skin Consulting

I’m Ready to Express My Essence to the World!
I’m In for The Experience!

3 Payments of


Payment in Full


Seats are limited to a maximum of 50 participants



Let’s Get You Some Answers

We’ll be meeting each day at The Point—a totally unique event venue in Mission Bay. Special discount pricing as well as transportation to and from the retreat venue has been arranged at The Dana Hotel close by. You’re certainly not required to stay at The Dana, though. San Diego is FILLED with fabulous hotels, and the Mission Bay/Mission Beach area has a delightful selection of rental properties available through websites such as and

We will meet from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day from October 18 – 20, 2019.

Lunch will be provided on-site each day. Breakfast and dinner will be on your own. If you choose to stay at The Dana, discount breakfast is provided. Additionally, there are LOADS of restaurants and coffee shops in the Mission Bay/Mission Beach area.

Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in two hours of water sports—right on site at the event venue—on a specific afternoon. Options include stand-up paddleboarding, pedal boats, and single and two-person kayaks. For those who choose not to participate in water sports, there’s shopping close by and the sunbathing and relaxing available on the beautiful sands of Mission Bay or Mission Beach is second-to-none.

October is one of the most beautiful months of the year in San Diego. Temperatures generally range from the mid 60’s to mid 70’s, and October has historically been a month with very low rain-fall.

Casual, comfortable clothes, a jacket for evening, a swim suit, and a stellar attitude.

The Essence Experience is for women who are on the verge of something GREATER. If you already have a brand—this weekend is designed to help you take it next level. The experience is geared toward you discovering and learning to communicate the VALUE of your essence—and its transformational impact on the lives of your ideal clients—at the highest levels. Women who create breakthrough brands for their essence take expert positions, lead tribes, introduce novel ideas to the world, and change lives… all with the highest level of visibility. If you already have a brand, this weekend will give it the heart and soul it needs to truly soar.

The Essence Experience was designed for midlife women entrepreneurs who are “on the verge” of something bigger… or ready to significantly increase their visibility and impact.

You will absolutely SLAY this experience if you are:

  • Willing to get comfortable with digging deep and OWNING your greatness.
  • Open to coaching and soul-centered direction and feedback
  • Longing for community with midlife women who share  your dreams
  • Understand that a strong, strategic brand is REQUIRED for any business to truly break out
  • Comfortable with my no-B.S., straight-from-the-heart, and sometimes snarky style

Your payment for The Essence Experience includes all of the curriculum (10-6 each day), lunches for three days, and two hours of water sports at The Point. Accommodations, airport transfers, transportation to and from the retreat site from any hotel OTHER than The Dana, breakfasts, and dinners are NOT included.

Planning an event like this requires tremendous advance effort and lots of up-front cash flow. For that reason, I don’t provide refunds. However, if you decided to cancel more than four weeks prior to the event date, I will apply your payment toward the purchase of another program I offer, or one-on-one coaching with me.

If I’ve missed anything here that you need to know in order to join us, email team Juju at and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.