December 13, 2018

No one warned me. So I’m warning you.

No one warned me. So I’m warning you.

No one warned me about what would happen in middle age.

That the shape of my body would change, but the shape of my dreams wouldn’t.

That I’d nurse both of my parents through soul-wrenching illnesses while raising a son, and that I’d lose all three of them.

That I’d feel more sexual, but worry that I wasn’t as sexy.

That I’d finally master a 25-year career, and then grow entirely bored with it.

That I’d hear a calling to do something grand—something magnificent—but be terrified to answer that call.

That I’d care less what people thought, and at the same time believe I was worth less because I’d lived more.

That my hormones would shift… and that from moment to moment I could feel rage, love, wonder, despair… and then feel totally stuck.

No one warned me about what would happen in middle age.

But then, no one told me how amazing it could be, either.

That at 40 I’d run my first marathon. And then I’d run two more, earn a half-marathon triple-crown, and complete an Ironman 70.3.

That I’d write a book and start a speaking career.

That I’d get certified as a yoga teacher and a health coach.

That I’d open a new online business, amass a following of nearly 50,000 people, and make my living sending a message straight from the heart.

That my marriage would evolve into something richer and more beautiful, because I would be richer and more beautiful… and so would the man that I love.

That I’d watch my son become his own man, and I’d burst at the seams with happiness, even as he stopped needing me.

That what I’d experience with my middle-aged girlfriends was beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and how much courage and strength they’d give me.

That the world would open up before my eyes… if only I understood how to SEE it.

No one told me about any of this.

And so I’ve made it my mission to tell everyone…

If you’re a middle-aged woman (or approaching middle age), I’d like to invite you to join me for a REVOLUTION

(And if you’re not a middle-aged woman, but you know one who could use some serious 20/20 vision where opportunity and happiness are concerned, then I invite you to invite her to join me for a REVOLUTION.) 

Over the course of 7 days, we’ll rise up. 

Against the lies the world would tell us about aging. 

Against our own limitations. 

Against the belief that transition means loss… 

and that feeling stuck will last forever. 

Against the idea that we’re worth less because we’ve lived more.

Against our ignorance regarding how much the world needs us.

Against the tradition of winding down “at our age.” 

Join me for 7 days of SEEING what you want, and learning exactly how to go out and get it. 

Of OPENING UP TO THE IDEA that midlife, for women, is PrimeTime. 

And in the process, join a Posse of amazing PrimeTime women.

Join me for 7 days, for $47

And get a signed copy of my book:

Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis. 

Join me. Join The Revolution

And join in on the life you were meant to have. 

But join today
Because early-bird pricing is extended to the first 100 women only. And they’re already pouring in. 

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