The Cut

Attention Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs!

Clarify Your Message, Build Your Platform, and Dramatically Increase Your Influence, Income, and Impact

So You Can Live the Second Half of Life on Your Own Terms

(Without the constant second-guessing, exhausting comparison games, or falling prey to “what-do-I-do-next” syndrome.)


You’ve achieved mastery in your field and success in your business, but you know it’s not enough…you were meant for something bigger.

You feel constantly on the verge of your “next big move.” And perhaps in your most courageous and inspired moments, you’ve made the commitment to start, or even written a plan or taken first steps.

You can visualize the leap…

the book,
the TED talk,
a position of authority or thought-leadership,
exclusive clients,
next-level financial or personal freedom,
an expansive audience for your message,
a midlife pivot to an entirely new way to work…

but there’s no leaping going on.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. You feel completely stuck:

Unsure about the next right step, overwhelmed by the scale of the “project,” unclear about your message or your distinct advantage, and exhausted from the relentless voice in your head that says you’re running out of time, entirely unrealistic, or missing that special something the frontrunners all magically possess.

Without a crystal clear message and a way to stay engaged in a step-by-step system for marketing and sales that plays to their distinct advantages and generates real results, even the most powerful women get lost along the way.

  • They get lured in by the next shiny new marketing tactic or business guru… or paralyzed by tech or operational hang-ups.
  • They fall prey to fear or insecurity around what makes them different, special, or even useful.
  • They’ve been conditioned to believe it’s impolite, over-bearing, or tacky to self-promote, pitch, or ask for business… so they bury themselves in content creation to “provide value” in exchange for sales that never happen.
  • They’re bombarded with daily messages from the anti-aging industry, the fashion and entertainment industries, the tech industry, and (dare I say) the patriarchy… that they become less valuable or relevant with each passing day.
  • They lack inspiration, guidance, constructive feedback and support from powerful women like themselves. And they struggle, alone, in a vacuum.

"Working with Juju one-on-one has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and one of the best business investments I’ve made for myself. It has transformed the way I see myself. It’s transformed the way I present my business. She’s just amazing. She brings out the brilliance in all of us."

Martina Barnes, Psychotherapist, Coach, Intuitive Mentor

"Juju helped me see what I'm really capable of and own it, so I could step into a higher space... where I was meant to be. Since I got clear and confident around my message and what sets me apart, I feel proud and centered. I'm unwilling to compromise. My brand is like a suit of armor: first we built it, and now I just put it on and march around in it. The process was remarkable; she truly had my back. Every time I felt overwhelm or that "not enough" feeling, I just reached out to Juju. I came off of every call feeling energized, powerful, and 100% clear about my next steps."

Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, SR Greenway Leadership

“If you’re thinking about taking a journey with Juju, you should know that—first and foremost—you’re dealing with somebody who’s an authority in this field. She knows her stuff. She’s super high-integrity. And she will hold you to your responsibilities. She's tough... and she's tons of fun. The bottom line is, we would not be where we are right now, if it weren’t for her.”

Eric Miller, Acupuncturist & Functional Medicine Doctor, Turning Point


A Step-by-Step Immersion Experience to Clarify Your Message, Confidently Build Your Platform, and Dramatically Increase Your Influence, Income, and Impact

***Limited to 15 PrimeTime Women***

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 25 years in corporate branding and marketing—plus an MBA and hundreds of thousands of dollars in training in sales, personal development, coaching, mindset, and relationship-building—and channeled it into a 9-month group experience designed exclusively for powerful PrimeTime women. You will not only learn the high-level branding, marketing, and sales strategies required to achieve the results you desire—you will immerse yourself in them and build your own unique system and platform for consistent results, with the support and inspiration of women like you, who are doing the same for themselves.


Pay Monthly

9 Payments of $997

Or Pay Up-Front

Single Payment of $8500

I’m Juju Hook.

For more than 25 years, I was a corporate brand strategist. I ran my own agency, mastered my trade, and designed a life that I loved. Until, at age 47, I found myself feeling restless, bored, unfulfilled, and agitated. I longed for a new level of challenge and inspiration, while at the same time wondering if my ship had already sailed. And more often than I wanted to admit, I found relief in a glass of pinot noir or a box of Oreos… and searched for my purpose inside my teenager’s dreams.

Until I had a lucky breakthrough (following an ugly breakdown) that everything I’d come to believe about midlife was a lie. That with 50 barreling toward me, I was more experienced, intuitive, insightful and skillful than I’d ever been. That this was my PrimeTime—and I could be a smash hit in the second half of life.

And I started to make some bold moves…

I walked away from my agency, built my first online branding course, and started a blog. I wrote my first book: Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife Into PrimeTime. I built a following of more than 50,000 people, launched a coaching practice to help PrimeTime women build break-through brands, and started spreading my message from stage.

I designed an entirely new, “next-level” life for myself in PrimeTime—helping other women do the same for themselves.

Along the way, I developed an approach to branding specifically for powerful midlife women with mastery. It’s different from any personal branding program you’ll ever find: equal parts strategy and soul-searching…actionable tools for self-confidence and resilience every bit as much as sales tactics and brand messaging.

I also knew that the way to really help women take gutsy, next-level chances, was to form a girl-gang. Because it’s when we see ourselves reflected in the eyes of women like ourselves that we make our boldest choices.

 And so I created The PrimeTime Cut. For women like you… who are ready to leave behind what no longer serves you. And step into what’s been waiting for you all along.

Is Perfect for You If:

  • You’ve achieved some degree of success in your business, and you know you’ve got potential for greater things. But your day-to-day habits and cycles seem to keep you stuck right where you are.
  • You’ve got clients or sales, but they’re not consistent or reliable. You don’t have a proven system to generate leads, present your services, close sales, and build relationships. You’ve invested in the pieces, but it’s hit-or-miss or feast-or-famine.
  • You desire next-level visibility through something bold and creative—a book, a TED Talk, live events, an online course—but you lack clarity around your messaging or your offering. You long to be a thought-leader in your industry, but you’re not clear on your unique model or your secret sauce.
  • You’re looking to serve a different type of client…someone more exclusive, discerning, or high-paying. You need to be perceived as an authority or elevate your reputation to attract the buyer you’re after.
  • You find yourself making plans or committing to things that will expand your income, visibility, success, or joy, but when it comes to execution you don’t know where to begin or you give in quickly to overwhelm.
  • You have achieved mastery in your field or profession, and you’re looking to “pivot” to a new way to earn your income. You want to step into something new, without starting over as a beginner.
  • You want to build a platform, following, or tribe. You have a message to spread to a wider audience, but aren’t sure where to show up, what to say, how much of yourself to show, or how to systematize your efforts.

What You’ll Get When You Make The Cut


Work with Juju in a private session each month to amplify your level of influence, impact, and income by building a smokin' hot personal brand and platform. Stay in touch with Juju via Voxer and email.


Meet with members of The Cut once every six weeks for in-depth training around specific aspects of your brand. Each workshop comes with an assignment, so that solid forward movement is built into the program.


Meet with members of The Cut each month for hot seat sessions. Receive coaching from Juju and input from your sisters while you're in the hot seat and learn from others while they're in the seat. This full-circle coaching is invaluable for mindset & expansion.


Take advantage of two opportunities to submit copy and/or design for professional feedback and input in a live clinic format. Submit your work in advance and then work live with Juju and other creative pros to take it all next-level.

Bonus Kickstart Session When you Sign Up Before December 18th!

While our time together officially begins in mid-January, 2020, you'll get a 2-hour kickstart session for FREE when you sign up before December 18.


Meet your sisters from The Cut at the 2020 Essence Experience. Enjoy a full day of masterminding prior to the event (for members of The Cut only) and admission to the full 2020 retreat program for yourself and a friend.*

Pay Monthly

9 Payments of $997

Or Pay Up-Front

Single Payment of $8500

"Juju Hook is the real deal! Her ability to integrate mastery, authenticity, compassion, and laser focused feedback are unparalleled. She has an exquisite ability to ask the right questions and offer the reflection you need with the perfect amount of kindness and 'we’re in this together.'"

Dr. Lynyetta Willis

"I love the way Juju teaches. She breaks things down so simplistically—but totally digs deep. And once I began implementing the changes in my message, it turned my business around. Juju helps you find clarity so fast. I became incredibly confident and felt so empowered because I was taking my business to a whole new level. Over the course of a year, my business grew by 900%. And the customers I got were customers who stayed."

Michelle Valeri, MV Skin Consulting

“Juju’s heart-felt guidance creates a cone of safety for women to share their deepest fears, transforming embarrassment or shame into the undeniable truth about our radiance. I discovered fundamental illusions I had about my worthiness (feeling like a fraud), which Juju transmuted to an acceptance of my intelligence and power… so that my soul could own it.”

Joy Osaka-Lu, Founder, One Ripple

Will You Make The Cut?