This is your PrimeTime.
And you’re a star.

Every day, women are bombarded with messages that would have us believe that as we grow older, we decrease in value. That we are worth less, because we have lived more. This is abject bullsh** propagated by factions of society and industries who stand to capitalize from our fear and profit from our insecurities.

And when you lay that messaging on top of the transitions we face in midlife—leaving our mothering stage (whether you mother children, projects, a career, relationships, or fur babies), losing our parents, feeling disenchanted with decades-old careers, and facing challenges of menopause—it’s easy to feel a sense of loss and devaluation that’s overbearing.

But the truth about aging, for women, is actually beautiful. We just get better and better and better.

By the time we’ve reached midlife, we’re in PrimeTime. We’re wiser, more experienced, more insightful, more intuitive, more READY than we’ve ever been to air our best shows to our widest audiences. In PrimeTime, we can access our greatest potential to live out our wildest dreams.

But so many of the middle-aged women I’ve met along my journey are running re-runs in PrimeTime.

Are you running re-runs in PrimeTime?

If you’re feeling purposeless, powerless, stuck, lost, undervalued, consumed by transitions, uninspired, or worried that your ship has sailed, it’s time to tune out the lies that are holding you back, lean into some beautiful truths about the gifts of midlife, and step into your PrimeTime.

The average life expectancy for a woman in America today is 86 years. What will you do with the ones you have left?

Click a button or two on this page. And let’s get started!

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