• 11/03/21 Personal Juju

    My Conversation With Natalie Sisson: “Reinvent Your Midlife and Turn It Into a New Career”

    My Conversation With Natalie Sisson: “Reinvent Your Midlife and Turn It Into a New Career”

    Have you ever mentally replayed the previous years of your life – then, briefly traveled to the future and thought, “What do I want out of life, now?”

    Well, in my interview with Natalie Sisson on the Untapped Podcast entitled, “Reinvent Your Midlife and Turn It Into a New Career”, we discuss how I handled these thoughts when I faced them myself around age 50…

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  • 11/03/21 Personal Juju

    My Conversation With Jeni Barcelos & Sandy Connery: The PrimeTime Slot

    My Conversation With Jeni Barcelos & Sandy Connery: The PrimeTime Slot

    Part of the problem with fairy tales is they never tell us how we are supposed to actually go about this “happily ever after” thing.

    No one really talks about what comes after we have gotten married, started families, and had a successful career, right?

    Well, in my latest interview with Jeni Barcelos and Sandy Connery, the hosts of “And She Spoke” podcast, entitled “PrimeTime Slot”, we get into all the nitty gritty of what comes next for midlife womxn….

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  • 19/01/21 Uncategorized

    Make The Pivot To Premium & DOUBLE Your Prices

    Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, shares her view on midlife.

    Are you struggling to get paid what you’re worth, reach premium clientele, or raise your prices? Since these things are easier to see in other people, I wanted to share a recent conversation I had with my good friend and elite coach, Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, on exactly this subject.

    If you’re someone who’s struggled or is struggling currently to sell yourself or your services when it comes down to it – THIS IS THE JUICE! Listen to Suzanne’s story…

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  • 12/01/21 Uncategorized

    From Passion To Purpose: Answering The Call To Do More

    Jody Harbour shares her views on midlife.

    Have you ever felt like you’re meant to do more than what you’re doing? Maybe it’s a gnawing feeling that leadership is somewhere out there calling, or even experiencing a physical heat or reaction – a physical call to service?

    Jody Harbour is my friend, recent graduate of The Cut, a former hairdresser, Inventor of the BreastRest Braternative, AND a social justice warrior and conduit for Grandmother’s Voice. After building a successful first half of life, she realized she’d found herself far out of alignment with her identity as a member of the Indigenous First Nations of Canada.

    Although you might not share the circumstances of Jody’s call (and her struggle to answer it), almost every woman I know reaches a moment in midlife where she feels ready to contribute something more… or different. I asked Jody about hers…

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  • 04/01/21 Uncategorized

    What Can A Tango-Dancing Clairvoyant Teach You About PRIMETIME?

    Martina Barnes, shares her view on midlife.

    “If anyone told me how good things were going to get at 50, I would have been looking forward to it.” – Martina Barnes

    Giving Yourself Permission to Repurpose: An Interview With Martina Barnes

    Ever feel like you’ve lost the energy to carry on the same ol’ routine? Or maybe even lost your faith in what’s possible for you in midlife, including in love?

    Let me tell you about my client and friend Martina Barnes, who at 55 lost her father, at the same time, she felt like she’d lost the energy and interest to carry on in the trauma therapy practice she’d built over decades.

    In my recent interview with her, she told me, “I just realized… I was essentially subsidizing my clientele, I didn’t have anyone subsidizing me.”

    What’s more, she was convinced she’d live out the rest of her life as a single woman.

    By 57, two years later, she’d launched a new business coaching successful women badasses and had a full client roster. (And she was a year into a relationship with her hunky new beau, George!)

    How did she make it happen?

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  • The Orgasm of Purpose
    19/12/20 Uncategorized

    The Orgasm of Purpose

    Since the combination of COVID lockdowns and daylight savings time gave “night” a new meaning, I’ve taken to going to bed a 6:30 p.m. and waking before 3:00 a.m.. I’m privileged in having my own business and making my own hours… and I’m blessed to be in PrimeTime, and no longer caring for a toddler (we can talk about caring for a 19-year-old attending college from the kitchen table another day).

    This morning, pre-dawn, as I was preparing to record a session on PURPOSE for PrimeTime women, I came across this video of Ann Wilson covering “Stairway to Heaven” at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012.

    She was 62 when she performed this.

    The living members of Led Zeppelin were brought to tears.

    Michelle and Barack Obama could barely hold themselves back from standing to dance.

    Audience members lifted their hands into the air, open-palmed, to catch and hold the vibration.

    80 people, including an orchestra and two choirs were involved.

    Ann had less than one hour to rehearse…

    Here’s what she said about performing one of the greatest rock anthems of all time, in front of its creators:

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  • 2020 – A Year Of Firsts
    27/11/20 Personal Juju

    2020 – A Year Of Firsts

    There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been “other than.”

    Coming off of a day of gratitude unlike any I’ve ever had, I also wanted to make a Black Friday offer to you that’s, well, “other than.” If you’ve been around my blogs or followed my advice for any amount of time, then you know that I’m not a discounter—especially when it comes to our time and expertise. After all, I teach PrimeTime women how to create premium brands. And premium brands call for premium pricing.

    But this year, I decided to do something different and special. Because we’re all locked up in our homes for the winter. Because many of us have lost jobs or clients, or at the very least lost our ability to go to the office. Because many of us have become unintentional homeschool moms (or grandmas, or aunties). And because, when it comes right down to it, the key to joy and fulfillment for human beings is true and lasting connection. And we are lacking it right now, my beautiful PrimeTime friend, in so many meaningful ways.

    So, I figured if I could give anything to help the cause in 2021, it would be to set each and every one of you up to PROSPER. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? A year of PROSPERITY? Of thriving? Financially, emotionally, and from a heart-centered place of true purpose?

    How would it feel to emerge PROSPEROUS from all of this? (And I know that your “all of this” and my “all of this” are very likely two different things, and that 30,000 women reading this email will–each and every one–interpret that a different way.)

    Through Cyber Monday only, I’m offering a pretty f’ing remarkable package, to get you on the way to prosperity—and connect you with a group of powerful, compassionate PrimeTime women in the process. It’s a suite of offers. And I’ll never offer it in this way again:

    PrimeTime PROSPER 2021: The Online Experience.
    In early February I’ll be offering a 3-day online experience for women business owners. It will be like nothing you’ve attended before. We’ll focus on how you can create long-term, sustainable income using the mastery you’ve developed over the past decades, doing something that TURNS. YOU. ON. (I have no doubt you’ve MASTERED lots of things. If you’re a woman in midlife, it’s nearly impossible that you haven’t.) PROSPER is about making bank while making change. It’s about doing what you know, and loving what you do.


    FIRST: Tickets for PROSPER are the cheapest they’re gonna get. And right now, they’re a steal.

    AND: this weekend ONLY, you can get half price tickets for your friends. That’s right. Buy a full-price ticket for yourself, and you can buy as many half-price tickets as you want. You don’t even have to tell us who the friends are right now. You can just squirrel that shit away and surprise your girls with them when the time feels right… if that’s the kind of thing that warms your heart.

    PLUS: PrimeTime PIVOT: I’ve added a once-in-forever aspect to this Black Friday special. It’s an all-new 6-part encounter called PrimeTime PIVOT. We’ll meet together once a week for six weeks, so you can dig deep to discover your purpose, the nature of your mastery, your vision for the second half of life, and much more. We’ll be turning PrimeTime PIVOT into a pre-recorded online course. But those who buy this weekend will experience it LIVE. And at the end of each week’s session, I’ll do a live Q&A, and some LIVE hot-seat coaching, so you can get even more bang for your Black Friday buck. (And yes… your girlfriends with the half-price tickets get PIVOT, too!)

    I know it’s an overused American cliché, but ladies, these deals won’t last long. My goal is to fill that room in February, so I can help as many PrimeTime women as humanly possible PROSPER in 2021.

    It’s our time now. This is PrimeTime.

    And you’re running out of time to snag this deal…

    So, head on over to PrimeTimePROSPER.com and get all the juicy deets.

    I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for the power and promise of PrimeTime women. I’m grateful for the chance to help you shower the world with your copious gifts. And I’m grateful for true and meaningful connection.

    Straight from the heart,


    P.S. This Black Friday special is filled with amazing juju: the PrimeTime PIVOT 3-Day Online Experience, the PrimeTime PIVOT 6-week live training, and half price tickets for your girls. But don’t wait. Because it won’t last for long. Grab yours here.

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  • 24/11/20 Personal Juju

    Creating Safe Spaces For Sisterhood – A No-Bullshit Conversation With Erica Courdae

    A Critical Conversation

    While we may be “distanced” in a way we’ve never been before, we’re all still sharing spaces. And if you’re anything like me and most of the women I work with, we’re creating spaces, too.

    …Spaces for conversation or for work to get done. Spaces for relationships to grow or ideas and innovations to manifest. Spaces for connection or community. Spaces for all kinds of shit to happen… in all kinds of ways.

    And one of the most enlightening conversations I’ve had in a long time is the one I recently hosted with Erica Courdae–coach, speaker, podcaster, and diversity and inclusion expert–about Creating Safe Spaces For Sisterhood.

    The points we cover were meant to apply to creating spaces for womxn in your life and your work, but turned out to be valuable in building bridges across all kinds of divides.

    In this no-bullshit back-and-forth, Erica and I cover critical topics such as:

    • The personal mess-ups and hard lessons I’ve experienced in the last year while attempting to create safe spaces in my work with womxn
    • Better listening practices we can ALL apply to make our conversations safer
      Going beyond the surface of “feminism” (and it’s roots in the KKK) to talk about “womanism”
    • How privilege is different from access, and how we can develop consciousness around our levels of access–because it’s one of the most valuable things we can share.
    • The role women can play as leaders, business owners, brand builders, and thought-leaders to create safe spaces for womxn to say out loud what they want, and help them figure out how to get it.


    Watch The Full Conversation:

    For more enlightening conversations from Erica, check out EricaCourdae.com.

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  • What does shaved steak have to do with leading people through crisis?
    14/04/20 Personal Juju

    What does shaved steak have to do with leading people through crisis?

    Two of the questions I hear most frequently now are: “How can I find my voice in this crisis?” And “How do I break through the noise?” I’ve written about both of those things in the last week or so.

    But showing is always better than telling, so I give you…. Steak-umm. They make frozen sliced steak for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches!!

    Steak-Umm has EMERGED on Twitter with a series of deeply compelling and well-articulated positions about information inequality, the quality and origin of data and scientific evidence, and a number of other issues pertinent to the day. It’s very, very good. And the writer stays in the threads and comments, which has driven many people to discuss and share.

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  • How do I break through the noise?
    01/04/20 Uncategorized

    How do I break through the noise?

    A few days ago I saw a friend Tweet this:

    Any emails with the word COVID-19 or VIRUS in them are going straight to the trash. I’ve had enough.

    And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve felt the same way. It seems like every company I’ve ever done business with has written to tell me of their plan for the virus. It’s all I see on the news. It’s all I see on social media. There’s so much unbelievable noise.

    At the same time, I run my business online. And so do the lion’s share of my clients and followers. And those who run brick-and-mortar businesses may now be forced to take their services online.

    And I keep hearing the same question over and over again:
    How do I break through the noise?
    How do I get people to listen to what I have to say?
    The answer is simpler than you might think:
    Say something clear and simple that matters to your ideal clients.

    Find out what they’re thinking, what they’re missing, and what they don’t know. And then show up and provide the answers.

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