Juju Speaking!

Good juju for your audience.

After launching a successful online branding program and blog at 48—and developing a following of more than 50,000 fans—Juju Hook launched her book, Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime, to rave reviews from an audience of middle-aged women hungry for tools to help them re-invent themselves and answer the call to do big things.

Capitalizing on her 25 years’ experience in corporate branding, strategic planning facilitation, and special events, she stepped into the speaking circuit to re-brand middle age for women.

Juju wows female audiences with her no-B.S. approach to the beauty and power of aging. Funny, insightful, and inspiring, she invites middle-aged women to see that the messaging that constantly bombards them—and plays inside their heads—is based on abject lies written and propagated by industries that profit from their insecurities. And she invites women into the beautiful truth that with age, they get better and better and better.

Juju’s keynotes are wildly entertaining. What’s more, change minds and inspire bold and courageous behavior. Above all, your audience will learn (while laughing all the way) to step into PrimeTime with the unshakeable belief that NOW is the perfect time to be a STAR.

Praise From the Audience


“Juju Hook’s presentation opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibility!!”

“Juju is such an inspiration for those that have allowed society to make them believe their prime was in their twenties. I loved her energy.”

“I really appreciated the chance to hear Juju Hook. I’m only 21 but she made me less scared of growing older. And I really had to ask myself: What can my life look like at 40-50 years old if I follow my dreams?”

Juju Speaking!

Juju Hook: Juju-Quote Symbol

“Juju was amazing. As a woman in pre-menopause, she helped open my eyes to the fact that life is just starting. Hormones and all!!”

“I am 56, and I felt that Juju was speaking just to me…”

“I loved Juju! As a middle-aged business owner whose menopausal self feels crazy some days, I totally related to her! I know that I’m finally headed in the right direction… and the most phenomenal years of my life are currently in the making.”

Signature Keynote:

Turn Midlife Into PrimeTime

A heart-felt and good-humored invitation for midlife women to step into PrimeTime in their careers, businesses, brands, and relationships. Juju shares her own story of midlife reinvention—both heart-breaking and hilarious—as well as the challenges and triumphs of a full cast of PrimeTime characters who’ve cracked the code to rocking the second half of life.

In this talk, audience members will learn to:

  • Spot the lies fed to us by the anti-aging, fashion, and a host of other industries, and uncover the glorious truth about aging.
  • Actually LOOK FORWARD to growing older.
  • Wake up to the opportunities of midlife, and step into a starring PrimeTime role.
  • Claim what they want in middle age, and make it their very own.
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