It all boils down to 1 question, 3 problems, & 6 lies,

When brand strategist, Juju Hook wakes up to realize she’s skating through midlife uninspired, unproductive, and overly involved in her teenage son’s life—and that the middle-aged female entrepreneurs she’s consulting are largely doing the same—she embarks on the biggest project of her life: re-branding midlife for women.

Along the way, Juju uncovers six pervasive and powerful lies that midlife women have been taught to believe, and how these “Lies that Bind” keep women stuck in a tragic state of acceptance that their best days are behind them. She also lays out three illogical equations, which she calls “Mad Girl Math,” that trap midlife women inside their own minds.

Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime, is a battlecry for middle-aged women, and a treatise on how they can fall in love with the second half of their lives. Through the introduction of a single, simple, long-forgotten question, Juju challenges women to live out the dreams they long ago set aside or gave up. And provides step-by-step instructions for following through.

Through her own hilarious and heart-wrenching stories—and the stories of six fascinating women from her own life—Juju shares candidly and honestly about what holds women back. And the industries and social norms that reinforce the nonsensical idea that midlife has to be a stone, cold drag.

If you’re a woman who’s lost your way, this book is proof that midlife can be the biggest show of your life, but only if you’re willing to step into a starring role.

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From Our Readers

Juju Hook: Juju-Quote Symbol

“You’ll laugh, cry and get fired up — sometimes all on the same page! Seriously, I thought I was alone feeling lost after my kids left home. Where did I fit in? How was I going to handle my marriage and my career? Why the h*ll were there still dirty dishes in the sink?! This book not only entertains, it gives practical ways to reinvent and turn boring old middle age into PRIME TIME! Get this book for every woman you know.”

–Julie Eason, author of The Profitable Business Author

“Juju got me excited for the rest of my life. With a plan and a purpose she shares with such clarity and courage how I can embrace the rest of my life. From Mid-Life to PrimeTime, cover to cover, her words created a vision for me. Juju speaks a Universal language for all women to hear. Gratitude, Juju.”

–Jody Harbour

“Hilarious and empowering.”

–Natasha Hazlett, author of Unstoppable Influence

“Thank you, Juju Hook for lending the perfect voice to moms in midlife. It isn’t easy out here for those of us still rockin’ along as the world starts ignoring us, labeling us as past our prime. Highly recommend!!!!!”

–Mary Rogers, and Experience 50 Podcast

“OMG! I loved this book! I’m 61 and decided to compete in my first full Ironman this past August. Unfortunately, that dream has been put on hold for now while I recover from a cycling accident. Juju’s book has given me that extra push I needed to hit Primetime head on. I will never ever refer to myself as middle-aged again. I feel a strength in myself I have never felt before, I love her humor and honesty, her vulnerability is contagious. Read it, its life-changing​.”

–Kris Riley

“This book is a treasure. Not only is it uproariously funny, Juju offers brilliant suggestions for making this the best time of your life.”

–Lynette Shepperd,

“Juju “hooks” us with humor, Mad Girl Metaphors, and unforgettable life lessons. As a student of personal development, she had me belly-laughing my way through crazy awesome stories, hard-wiring my brain with the ‘truisms’ we normally need to hear time and again. Her style is deeply authentic, teaching us ‘the being’ and ‘the doing’… vulnerable, vivacious, deeply poignant… what a PRICELESS GIFT!”

–Susan Mazonson

“Most inspiring book for women EVER!!! I’ve read a ton of books on empowering women, NO ONE has nailed it like Juju with the power of getting older vs the dread that the media brain washes us to believe!”

–Mandy Keene

“If you’ve lost your lust for life, Juju will show you why, and what to do about it. This is a great and inspiring read. You can thank me later!”

–Cynthia Correa,

“As a 35-year-old woman, I wasn’t sure how applicable the lessons in this book would be, but I’m pleased to say Juju has worked her, uhm… juju!!! This book has me totally excited about getting to experience my very own PrimeTime, as well incorporating Juju’s lessons into my life NOW!”

–Yara Golden, Fiercely Feminine

“Witty, insightful, and life-changing.”

–Barbara Younger,

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