April 1, 2020

How do I break through the noise?

How do I break through the noise?

A few days ago I saw a friend Tweet this:

Any emails with the word COVID-19 or VIRUS in them are going straight to the trash. I’ve had enough.

And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve felt the same way. It seems like every company I’ve ever done business with has written to tell me of their plan for the virus. It’s all I see on the news. It’s all I see on social media. There’s so much unbelievable noise.

At the same time, I run my business online. And so do the lion’s share of my clients and followers. And those who run brick-and-mortar businesses may now be forced to take their services online.

And I keep hearing the same question over and over again:
How do I break through the noise?
How do I get people to listen to what I have to say?
The answer is simpler than you might think:
Say something clear and simple that matters to your ideal clients.

Find out what they’re thinking, what they’re missing, and what they don’t know. And then show up and provide the answers.

It’s true that there are more people talking than ever before.
It’s also true that there are more people at home… and listening.

Last week I shared with you about my client who wasn’t sure if she should sell things during this time of crisis. (If you missed that post, you can find on the blog, here.) Dr. Willis is a psychologist and coach for parents and couples who live in stable misery. She helps them find their way back to joy. Can you even begin to imagine how many people who are suddenly stuck in their homes together need that right now?

In creating a new program for moms, Dr. Willis did exactly what she needed to do to break through the noise: she asked moms what they needed.

While she expected they might want tips and tools to help them get through the stress and worry, or practices to avoid being triggered, or coaching or training in how to homeschool while working from home, or content to entertain their kids, what she heard from them—consistently—was something altogether different:
“I need space to breathe.”
How simple is that? “I need space to breathe.”

And so Dr. Willis set out to create that space. And within days, she’d launched an amazing new program called (you guessed it!): Space to Breathe.

What’s more, she took the time to really check in with her values on how she’d price the program. And she decided to use a “pay what you can” type pricing structure, with three suggested price levels.

And she got very, very clear on who the group was for: parents who’d become “unintentional” homeschoolers who are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, isolation, or confusion.

And as you read this, her new group is forming.

Dr. Willis broke through the noise because she asked people what they needed, and then showed up to serve.

She was clear, concise, and completely tuned in to the needs of her audience:

The focus of this group is to help you create more calm within yourself and your family, gain confidence, have the support of a professional psychologist-coach, and connect with a community of folks who “get it.”

And one of the best parts? You can “pay what you can” to join and gain access to all of the group’s features.

Some of the features of this experience include:

• A weekly video group call where you’ll have space to connect, breathe, and fill your cup emotionally and spiritually (don’t worry, if you miss it, there will be a recording)
• Powerful meditations that will help you find ways to ditch the overwhelm and anxiety, ramp up the calm, feel more grounded, and create more patience towards yourself and your family.
• Practical strategies to help you feel more confident about how you’re dealing with all of the recent changes in your home.
• Opportunity to participate in some *really* fun surprise events that you, as well as you and your kiddos can enjoy.
• Gain deep insights and practical guidance from some inspiring experts!

It’s an event dedicated to answering the question: How do I navigate through all of this in ways that will leave me and my family feeling happy, more connected, and resilient in an anxious, pandemic ridden world?

It’s called Space to Breathe. It starts on April 3. And you deserve it.

Please join me for this powerful online experience. You’ll gain practical guidance and support from me and other experts, develop effective tools to help you calm the inner (and outer) chaos, and a supportive community. There’s no downside to this!

Sign Up Here.

Come to be inspired, reassured, and to get connected with others!

Before I go any further, I want to tell you that if you ARE an “unintentional homeschool mom” Dr. Willis is tha-bomb-dot-com. I cannot recommend her highly enough. And you should do this program. (By the way… I do NOT make money if you join. This is just me recommending good stuff.)

If you’re also wondering how YOU can break through the noise, then I invite you emulate this strategy that Dr. Willis and I worked through together. Because you know what she’s doing right now?? She’s feeling alive and necessary and living her purpose by helping folks through a crisis.

Now I know you may be reading this right now and saying, “Juju… I am NOT a psychologist. That’s easy for Dr. Willis.”

And—if you know anything about me—you know I’m gonna call bullshit on that one. Because we ALL have something to give during this crisis.

And this is SUPER IMPORTANT: Even if you have nothing to sell right now, you can show up and help. You can show up and guide folks. You can be there for their hopes and fears and dreams and frustrations.

And when all of this is over (and it will be over), you will have EMERGED as a leader. You will have used the time to move forward.

Following are “holes” I’ve seen open up in the market, just in groups of women online and in talks with my friends. Some are silly. Some are super-real and intense. But these are questions IN THE MINDS of actual people:

-How do I color my own roots??
-How can I stop thinking about death and focus on my work?
-Anyone know how to make hollandaise sauce?
-How can I light myself well to look good on Zoom?
-What are all y’all doing about showing your messy houses on video??
-I used to ride my bike everywhere. How am I supposed to maintain my fitness levels?
-I’m losing clients. How can I hang on to the ones I have??
-How do I recession-proof my business?
-What are games we can play together as a family?
-What should I plant in my yard this time of year?
-I am eating ALL THE TIME. How can I stop stuffing things in my mouth???
-I can’t sleep at night. I’m having horrible dreams or lying awake.
-What can I do to keep my business afloat?
-What should I invest in right now?
-What can I do for my business right now so it will thrive when this is all over?

This is a TINY list of the kinds of things I’m seeing every day.
And these are NOT the same questions people were asking themselves three weeks ago.

So… if you’re not sure how to break through the noise, or you’re not sure where to start, then comment below and tell me ONE THING you’ve seen folks asking for that you can provide. No matter how simple. No matter how silly it seems. What’s ONE SINGLE THING that you could do or show that would help a sister or brother out?

And we’ll start there.

Be safe and be well.
You got this.

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