When you Talk About Your Business, do People Listen? And Then buy?
23/07/19 Personal Juju

When you Talk About Your Business, do People Listen? And Then buy?

Imagine how different you’d FEEL about your marketing if you were confident that people would LISTEN to what you’re saying, then BUY what you’re selling.

My client, Wendy, is a transformational travel expert. She’s not a travel agent—that’s someone who handles logistics. Wendy is an EXPERT IN TRANSFORMATION, and she owns a business called Rebel On the Go. She plans and coaches around travel experiences that change peoples’ lives, relationships, emotional states, perspectives, and confidence levels. She’s special, this one. (And she gave me permission to write this… So I’m not jabberin’ behind her back, here.)

A few months back, Wendy and I spent a two-hour session together where she created a one-year plan for a new “group travel” income stream in her business. And it’s smokin’ hot. Essentially, she’s curating group experiences that are absolutely “other than.”

But this kind of travel is “other than” from a marketing standpoint, as well. With these group trips, rather than fielding calls from individuals who need her services, Wendy is “pushing” well-formed ideas out to the public. She’s presenting trips that folks may have never even considered, and providing education and building enthusiasm around some pretty exotic experiences.


When she began planning the first trip, she told me,

“I’m not sure if anyone will come. And I probably won’t make any money off of this. I’m just doing this one to pay for my own trip. Because it will be fun.”

Wait. What? Hold the phone. I suspect you know how I responded to this.

“Wendy, this is not the Red Cross. We work for profit, and we’re not ashamed.”

But truly, Wendy was unsure if she could pull enough people together to get past the minimums required and begin earning commissions. She had a limited amount of time, and she needed to sell eight slots before she’d make a dime, herself.

She was unsure for exactly four days. That’s how long it took her to sell TEN CABINS on a luxury cruise line, for a trip twenty months in the future that costs thousands of dollars, to people who had never bought travel from her before.


Wendy concentrated on three things:

>>Her mindset toward the task.
>>Her message around the trip.
>>The perfect platform to deliver it.

She nailed all three. And now she has an awesome process in place for pitching these group experiences going forward. It’s the IDEAL process to capitalize on her passions, gifts, and expertise. It’s a three-part combo that plays to all of her competitive advantages. And she LOVES doing it. (Imagine LOVING your marketing plan!)

On Wednesday I’m hosting a LIVE ONLINE MASTERCLASS and I’ll show you what Wendy did, specifically, to play to her own strengths and surpass her goals in four days. And I’ll lay out the three things YOU need to do in order to build a brand that can support the size of YOUR potential.

Grab your seat for the masterclass here.

For the first hour, I’ll present some awesome content with specific, actionable steps. And then for 30 minutes or so, I’ll do a live Q&A, where you can ask me questions about your business, and we can talk about what might work for YOUR gifts and talents.

Grab your seat for the masterclass here.
There are 100 seats. They’re going fast. And I’m on fire around this topic.

Straight from the heart,

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Shame lives in our bodies. For me, it lives right at the top of my chest. And sometimes, when I’m talking, I choke on it.

I got my shame from all kinds of places. I can remember—as a little girl—hearing the words, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

And you know what? Sometimes, I still am.

I wanted to share with you–in a series of 4.5 blog posts—my “Lessons from Nashville.” These are four powerful messages that I uncovered during my first experience speaking from stage, in front of a thousand women in Nashville, Tennessee.

And today’s lesson is about shame.

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16/11/18 Personal Juju


In early October, I stood in the back of a room filled with a thousand screaming women. They were dancing, shouting, hollering, clapping, laughing… for me.

And as I paced behind the rows of chairs, ready to step onto a stage for the first time in my life, I had a moment that I knew would change the trajectory of my entire career. And—if it’s not too dramatic to say—change the world.

Let me back up just a second. I just starting writing here on this blog (my writing specific to the topic of branding lives at StrategicJuju.com.) But if you’ve been following me on other platforms, you may know that I launched my book and have been on a bit of a “tour,” inspiring women to step up to the second half of life. As part of that process, I was invited to speak–from a stage in Nashville–to a thousand “Lady Bosses.” I was invited by Kaelin Tuell Poulin, a fitness guru with more than 85,000 women in her private program.

It was a real boon, lemme tell ya.

I busted my butt preparing for LadyBoss Live. I got a masterful coach who helped me to prepare a kick-ass talk. I practiced the talk every day, first memorizing 35 minutes of text—90 seconds at a time—and then walking through it again and again to feel comfortable with my gestures, walking the length of the stage, calling the audience to respond. I spent hours choosing the right clothing and smiling at my reflection in the mirror.

LadyBoss Live was the kick-off for my speaking career, and I was determined to feel 100% READY when I got on that stage.

And then the “morning of” arrived. I showed up in the Green Room for hair and make-up, forced down my oatmeal, ran through my talk, and walked through the door of the room where I was to speak.

And there they were. A thousand women… on fire. Pumped and primed and totally open for new ideas and inspiration and leadership. They were practically begging me to step onto the stage…

When someone started whispering this in my ear:

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