This guy made me so angry, I interviewed him.
13/03/19 How to Brand Your Juju

This guy made me so angry, I interviewed him.

A few months ago, a young online entrepreneur totally triggered me with a Facebook post he made about women. I was so pissed my head nearly exploded. Yesterday, I featured him on my social media pages in a full-length interview. Branding is act of bravery. And this guy? He’s a warrior.

I’ve long held the belief that great branding takes immense courage–and I’ve watched this theory prove out with my clients (and break-through brands worldwide) for more than 30 years.

When we’re ultra-specific about what we provide, HOW we provide it, and the slice of humanity we’ve created it for… everything else falls to the wayside. When we CHOOSE who we serve and HOW, we give up the option to serve everyone. (Hint: It’s ok to give that up. It was never really an option, anyway.)

This bravery has taken on a beautiful new form as of late: values-based branding. And for midlife women, this opens the doors to incredible opportunity.

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