Homeowners Insurance Is Such a Turn-On
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Homeowners Insurance Is Such a Turn-On

This morning I got an awesome email from my homeowners insurance company. I love them. 




And here’s the crazy part: I’ve never even spoken to them. 


They light me up from a distance. (And before you blow this off and say, “Oh, Juju’s a brand nerd and she gets turned on by shit that’s totally boring to me,” hear me out. Because this is NOT your ordinary homeowner’s insurance.)


So, last year the hubby and I sold our family home in Arizona and bought a little love-nest condo on the golf course. We’re planning for the day next year when our son leaves for college (SCORE!!!) and we can work around the world and chase the endless summer. Anyway, it was my job to call around and get insurance quotes. Which sucks, really. Shitty job. As pleasurable as a root canal…


And then I came across a Google ad for Lemonade. This is what it said:

Forget everything you know about insurance.

Instant Everything.

Killer prices.

Big heart.


Big heart? Whatever. 


But I’m a sucker for a great differentiator, so I leaned in.


Every bit of it was true. I downloaded an app to my phone. And I had insurance in about 10 minutes. Never spoke to a soul. 


But THIS is where it all gets interesting: Lemonade is a “social impact” company. They “reverse the traditional insurance model.” Essentially, we pay premiums, they take a flat fee and pay claims out of the premium, and anything that’s left over goes to charity. 


They give the left-over to charity.

And they let me choose the cause that my premiums support. (I chose measures against human trafficking.) 


It was SO SIMPLE that I thought it might not be real. So I Googled some more, just because I felt like insurance should involve at least a LITTLE BIT of pain. And they checked out.


Never thought about it again.


And then this morning, I got an email from them. The subject line said: “warm and fuzzy.” (WTF? Did you ever get a “warm and fuzzy” from your insurance company?) And they showed me what I was part of. 


CLICK HERE to see what they did. (When you open this web page, it will look like a white screen with a headline. As you scroll down, the goods will appear.) Check it out. Then meet me back here at this email, so we can talk about it…



This company differentiated themselves in THREE CRITICAL WAYS:

  1. Ease of transaction
  2. Pricing
  3. Social impact


They gave me THREE SOLID REASONS to choose them over the big boys. 


But you know what it all boils down to? HEART AND SOUL.


Lemonade brands and operates from heart and soul. And they touched mine.


Today I’m sending tens of thousands of people an email about feeling “warm and fuzzy” over homeowners insurance. A product that most people would choose SECOND to chewing broken glass.


What are you doing that’s making your customers tell people about you? Where’s the heart and soul in your brand that helps folks CHOOSE you? Where’s the warm and fuzzy? What are your customers PART of? What have you reinvented or re-tooled or turned upside-down?


Whose fancy did you tickle this morning?


I love you so.


P.S. Heart and soul is where it’s at, my friend. And if you want a brand that’s rich with both, I’ve got you covered. You can meet me and 50 PrimeTime women in San Diego for the PrimeTime Essence Experience. The entire 3-day experience was created for you to explore the heart and soul of your brand. Or, we can work together one-on-one as you build a brand that lights folks up  (Click here to see what other women are saying about working with me… and to schedule a discovery call.) Make your customers wake up and talk about you. It’ll change their lives…and yours.


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Are you in a Meaningless Search for the “Perfect Figures?”
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Are you in a Meaningless Search for the “Perfect Figures?”

In 2015, I closed shop at my corporate branding agency and decided to try my hand at marketing myself. More specifically, I decided to become an “overnight, global, Internet sensation.” It was a bold move. And when my husband asked me how long I thought it would take, I estimated five years.

I anticipated a LOT of things when I made the switch from “real to virtual” where my business was concerned. What I did not anticipate was all of the ridiculous and meaningless emphasis on figures. More specifically, “six-figure” and “seven-figure” companies.

Since the day I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School (my entrée into the digital marketing space), I’ve been pitched HUNDREDS of times in advertisements by consultants and agencies who tell me they can take my business to “six-figures” (and at least the same number who can take it “from six-figures to seven”).

Are all of these companies full of shit? It’s hard to say, really.

But the premise upon which they’re basing their promises is entirely meaningless.

So if you’re feeling badly about not having the perfect figure… stop it right now.

First of all, these “figures” everyone is talking about are revenue numbers. That’s the amount of sales your company makes. And what anyone in the real world of business understands is that revenue is POINTLESS without also understanding expenses. It’s the management of the gap BETWEEN revenue and expenses that make one an actual businessperson. It’s in that gap that we find our house payments, car payments, vacations, retirement funds, and college tuition for our kids.

But you won’t hear these hucksters talk to you about profitability or return on investment. Because those would be REAL promises that would require REAL long-term strategies. And ain’t nobody flashing around headlines that say, “Work real hard. Build your business over time.” What’s sexy about that?

Revenue numbers, alone, are meaningless. There are plenty of business owners with millions in annual sales who bring home less than $100K. And there are PLENTY of businesses—especially online enterprises—that spend more than they make. Or barely break even…

I know, because I’ve been in lots of groups with folks who tell me they’re “seven-figure-earners” and can’t afford a $200 hotel room. I’ve met guys who lease Ferraris based on their “figures” who can’t stay in the game longer than a year. I’ve met folks who had a “fifty-thousand-dollar month” with a launch that cost $40K… and nothing else all year long.

So regardless of what anyone tells you about your figures… you gotta focus on the RIGHT ONES for them to have any meaning.

And you have to get real about how long it will take and what you’ll have to put into it.

Think of five women who have businesses you admire. The ones who are really doing it right.

Did they blow up in a summer? Have six weeks to MASSIVE long-term success? Did they make it big because they built the right funnel or uncovered the “single secret no one is talking about” or “the proven method to fill your client calendar with no marketing expense?”

I already know what you’re gonna tell me.
They did not.

Long-term sustainable profitability doesn’t come from understanding how to use a marketing tactic any more than fine art comes from understanding how to use a paintbrush.

So if you’re feeling pressure to have the perfect figures, you can let that go right now.

Instead, focus on finding a NEED in the marketplace. Focus on understanding what people want and what will make their lives better. Focus on knowing and understanding those people inside and out. And focus on giving them what they need in a way that’s utterly delightful, entirely memorable, and different than the way anyone else provides it.

You know what’s more important than great figures? Heart and soul.

Straight from the heart,

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You Just Read my Mind
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You Just Read my Mind

Earlier this week, I was interviewed for a podcast by an amazing PrimeTime goddess named Joanne Smith. And she said something to me that I hear quite often—and that lets me know I’m on the right track:

“Juju, when I get your emails, I know they’re going out to hundreds or thousands of people, but I feel as though you’re talking DIRECTLY to me.”

This is not an accident. I just met Joanne on Monday, but I have her in my mind—and more importantly in my heart—when I write each and every email.

And if you want your ideal clients to really hear your message, you must deliberately hold your clients in your mind and heart and speak DIRECTLY to each one.


By jumping into the conversation that’s already going on INSIDE THEIR HEADS.

Most of the business owners I coach understand that they’re speaking to an “ideal client” with specific hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations. Yet the conversation they’re starting in their emails and their marketing is just ONE STEP AWAY from what’s actually happening in their potential client’s head.

Here’s an example:

I recently asked a client what her customers really WANTED. And she told me, “They want to feel integrated. They want to feel aligned with their core values.”

Guess what this client sells?
That’s right. She sells coaching around core values.
Undoubtedly, this is a valuable service, and she’s damned good at it.

But my question to her was this: “Do you really think folks are opening their eyes in the morning and thinking to themselves, I hope I can stay aligned with my core values today; I’m feeling very desegregated from my deepest beliefs and desires?”

Her clients are NOT thinking this. They’re thinking about how being disconnected from their core values FEELS and SHOWS UP in their lives.

They’re thinking:

I hate my job. I’m exhausted from showing up every day and doing things I don’t want to do.

I’m so pissed off at Jim, but I can’t speak up. I feel stuck. If I say what I think, he’ll leave.

Why do I keep sabotaging myself? Why can’t I stay on task?

There’s so much on my plate, I can’t get everything done. I’m completely overwhelmed. Everything is falling apart.

Aligning with core values is the ANSWER to the questions in her customers’ minds. Not the question. In order to really speak to folks as though they’re the only ones in the room, she needs to go just ONE. STEP. FURTHER. with the conversation

There are lots of ways to get to the conversations going on in your potential clients’ minds. But the most effective way is to just ASK them.

I talk to PrimeTime women entrepreneurs every day. The fears and frustrations they experience are in many ways universal. The hopes and dreams they are pursuing are common in the second act of life. The feelings that take them down or stand in the way of their success are articulated to me over and over by different women. They beliefs they have around their worth and their value as they age are insidious and collective.

What many of these women don’t realize is that they are not alone. And the moment they realize it—the moment I hold them in my heart and demonstrate that I HEAR them and I UNDERSTAND them—they feel safe and loved.

That might feel a little woo-woo for you. Safe and loved? Really, Juju??

But let me ask you: How do you feel when someone really listens to you?

How do you feel when someone says, “I know how you feel. I’ve been there. That sucks for you. I’m here if you need me.”

How do you feel when you meet someone who GETS you and will never judge you for who you are?

How do you feel when you meet someone who finishes your sentences, seems to know exactly what you’re thinking, and feels just like you do?

This is how your potential clients should feel. It’s not a manipulation or a sales tactic. It’s an earnest attempt to really understand the thoughts that keep them up at night—or the dreams that keep them going.

What’s the conversation going on inside your ideal client’s head? Are you talking to her about things that matter? Are you holding what she really cares about in your heart?

With so much love,

P.S. If this kind of messaging is something you long to create, meet me and 50 PrimeTime women business owners in San Diego for an incredible immersion branding experience: THE PRIMETIME ESSENCE EXPERIENCE. Brand your heart and soul. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to speak directly from your heart and soul to the conversations happening inside your ideal clients’ minds. But don’t delay. There are only 50 spots. And they’re going fast.

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Falling in Love….With Your own Potential
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Falling in Love….With Your own Potential

Twenty-one years ago today, I walked into my c-suite office to find an incredibly handsome German man with beautiful long blonde hair and an amazing suntan, dressed to the nines in a Hugo Boss suit, sitting at my desk. I’d just come off a horrible bout with depression. One that had kept me out of work for nearly thirty days—following a divorce that had left me shattered. It was a time in my life when my confidence was shaky, at best.


But this guy in the chair? He woke me right up.


I was absolutely love-struck. It remains the most game-changing day of my life.


What happened next was also game-changing… but in a different kind of way.


Over the next couple of months, while in hot pursuit of the man of my dreams, I threw caution to the wind. Specifically, the caution around my rather stuffy employer’s human resources policies. More specifically… the policies around the executives gettin’ jiggy with the employees.


And before I knew it, I was up a new boyfriend, and down a six-figure job.


For the folks in my little corner of the financial industry who liked to talk trash, it was an absolute scandal. And for me, coming off of a divorce and some very dark days, it was nothing short of brutal. So much so that I left the industry completely… and laid low for a time. And my absence left LOTS of empty space for those trash-talking folks to fill in the blanks with rumors. (Some of which, I heard, were nothing short of outrageous.)


During my time out of sight, I was considering what it felt like to NOT be a corporate executive. (I LOVED it.) To try my hand at consulting work. (I LOVED it.) And to marry Jan–the man of my dreams in the Hugo Boss suit–and have his baby. (I LOVED it.)


And when the time felt right, I decided to open my own branding agency: The Hook.


As I began to plot my launch campaign, Jan looked me in the eye and said out loud what I knew to be true, but was loath to admit:

“Juju, you’re going to have to go pitch all of those marketing execs from the financial industry. They’re your best bet for new clients. They know you personally. They know what you’re capable of. You have to walk right into their offices, with your head held high, and tell them how glad you are that you left corporate America, how on fire you are now, and why they should hire your new firm.”


And as the memories of those dark days came flooding back, the relentlessly critical voice inside my head reminded me of why I’d chosen to lay low in the first place:

Juju, people are judging you. They’re talking about you. They will laugh if you pitch them. They will laugh if you fail. You’re not good enough for this. You should just pack it in…


But as I honed my messages and prepared my packages for delivery, something started to shift inside me. With Jan in one ear telling me how amazing I was (he was always my #1 fan) and my mentor in the other telling me I’d be foolish not to shoot the gun, I started to want the visibility more than I wanted to hide.


I started to practice what it would feel like to be seen by the very people I assumed were talking smack about me.


I stepped right through the fear and panic I had around being rejected and laughed at, into an entirely new understanding: that branding was my true purpose in the world… and that my new clients would be LUCKY to have me in their corners, fighting with all my heart for their success.


With the voice in my head screaming at me to stop, I forged ahead.


And I pitched like a mofo.


I chose 50 executives. Half of them “knew me when.” The other half were seriously big fish—the kinda folks you put on your vision board. I sent themed baskets to each and every one of them to announce my new website and the launch of my new agency—and to give them a very clear, very specific message:


Sometimes, all you need is the right Hook.


Can you guess what happened?


Every single one of them took my call.

Every. Single. One.


I quit worrying about what folks were saying about me. And started focusing on how I could serve them.

And from those first 50 pitches, I got my first five clients.


What I learned through this process—and I’ve seen time and time again with my coaching clients—is that it’s one thing to create a great brand with a tight message, a well-defined audience, and a clear call to action.


It’s another thing to have the nerve to GO BIG. The willingness to risk the rejection on a new scale. The confidence to believe that you’re worth it all and that the clients you’re DYING to serve would be LUCKY to have you in their corner.


The courage to listen to the still small voice inside, rather than the nasty one that lives rent-free in your head, is a requirement for next-level success.


Branding, my friend, is an act of bravery.


If you’re looking for a shot of courage—a dose of exactly the mindset it takes to PROMOTE yourself to the very people who you’re worried might judge or reject you—then meet me in San Diego at my first ever live event.





Meet me–and 50 remarkable PrimeTime women—for three days of mindset, messaging, and platform building. Three days of discovery, adventure, and fun in the sun. Three days that will change your mind about everything related to what you offer, why the world needs it, and exactly what you should say to people when you sell it.


There’s never been an immersion branding experience quite like this one. There may never be one again.


There are exactly 50 seats. And they’re going fast.


Whatever you’re afraid of, you can conquer it with heart.


It’s been 21 years since the day I chose to follow my heart. I’m still madly in love with Jan. That baby turned 18 last week. And I still work–every single day–on the mindset required for a brand to GO BIG.


I see you.

– Juju


P.S. The PrimeTime Essence Experience is a one-of-a-kind, 3-day, immersion branding experience for women entrepreneurs who want to increase their level of visibility, income, influence, or impact. It’s on the bay in sunny San Diego, and it’s gonna be absolutely LIT.



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Is This Thing on?
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Is This Thing on?

The first time I had a webinar, I asked my nephew and one of my closest friends to come over to the house to “man the phones” during the Q&A. It was a sunny November afternoon in San Diego, and I was ON fire.

I got a meat-and-cheese platter and some salted nuts. For after. When we’d be tired and excited about the results.

I knew what the results would be, of course, because I’d done all the things:

I’d taken two online courses in webinars—one from Amy Porterfield, one from Russell Brunson. I’d learned how to “Launch” from Jeff Walker and been through B-School. I’d had a sales page built and a professional slide deck. I. DID. ALL. THE. THINGS.

I don’t remember the event, itself. At all.

But I do remember what happened when it came time for people to ask questions, or buy, or call for clarification.
Nothing happened.
It was, quite literally, a non-event.

I know there’s no crying in business, but the next morning, I went ahead and did. My coach said not to take it personally—to course-correct and act. And after I got over myself, I did. I sent personal emails to people who’d shown interest during the run-up, and made connections in comments on social media, and set up calls with people who’d opened the sales emails…and before the cart closed five days later, I’d sold some courses and made some new friends.

It was very hard work. And nothing like the glossy photos of “solopreneurs” making money while they water-skied.

I did that webinar regularly for a year. I did it at least 40 times. Sometimes I slayed, and people responded. Other times I sucked, and people didn’t. One week I’d take myself to lunch because I’d discovered the Holy Grail. The next week I’d lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling, asking why. The only thing that remained consistent was the nasty voice in my head that told me everyone could do this…but me.

And then one day I was at a mastermind group in Boise, in my “hot seat” on the stage. (If you’ve never been in a hot seat, you share something of value with the group, and then share a business issue you’re having to crowd-source advice from the group.) As you might guess, I was crowd-sourcing advice about the wildly irregular results of my consistently regular webinars.

And Russell Brunson said, “You should sell from stage.”

And as I let his suggestion wash over me, it felt totally right.

And so I did.

I got a speaking coach, I got some gigs, I wrote a talk and practiced my ass off, and I delivered it. I had a blast meeting incredible women, they loved the inspiration I provided. And at the end of every talk, I presented my programs. And in every single instance, women responded and asked to work with me. Enthusiastically and consistently.

I cried exactly zero times.

You see, the stage was a platform that worked for me. I needed to SEE the women. To watch their eyes to know if what I was saying was meaningful for them. To feel their energy and hear their laughs and be there with them as they realized things. I needed a crowd.

I could never get that on webinar. No matter how hard I tried.

I learned a valuable lesson that day: your platform strategy should be determined by your strengths. Not by what the “industry” tells you is the next great tactic or sales tool.

My platform is relatively limited. I speak from stage, I send emails, I show up on Facebook, I have a couple blogs, and I do Instagram now and again. I LOVE those tactics, because they’re about sharing my words, my way. They light me up. They play to my strengths, and they work in service of my goals.

I even do webinars now and again. But I’m careful now to build in ways to feel the audience, to get their feedback, and to see them realize things.

So, what’s your platform look like? Are you slaying it? Consistently? And loving it?
Or do you feel pressured to be everywhere at once? Or everywhere the cool kids hang out?

Hit reply, and tell me why.

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From Chicken Shit to Chicken Soup
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From Chicken Shit to Chicken Soup

About three-and-a-half years ago, I walked away from a business it had taken me nearly fifteen years to build.


I was running a boutique branding agency—serving corporations in the financial and automotive sector. Neither of these were industries that set my soul on fire; in fact they rarely even sparked my interest.


But I was making money. And I’d achieved what so many women my age had set out to achieve: a business where I could work just a few hours each day and still earn a stellar income. I’d mastered the art of the “skate.”


I’d created for myself the opportunity to do only that work which I loved the most: strategy.


And so with each and every campaign, I worked with the client to extract the juiciest goodness—to get to the heart of the message that most clearly expressed their essence and was most relevant to the needs of their clients. And then I translated this message to a team of powerhouse creative talents, so they could translate it visually onto a page, a screen, a tradeshow booth, a new sales process, or anywhere else the client needed to walk the talk.


Something interesting happened when I got my way and delegated all of the tasks that hounded me or aggravated me…
When I elevated myself to one-trick pony…
When I found that free time I’d so desperately longed for.


The less I had to do… the less I did.

The slower my day became… the slower I became.

And as my challenges dwindled, so did I.


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Playing the Long Game for Ecstasy
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Playing the Long Game for Ecstasy

If you’ve been through my introductory experience–Positively PrimeTime: The 7-Day Revolution–then you created a “perfect day” visualization. I love this exercise, because it’s a way to play the “long game” with a real sense of clarity.

My perfect day drives everything I do right now. It’s the fuel for my fire. It’s what brings me back to task when disappointment or fatigue sets in. And it provides my sense of purpose—the WHY—to nearly every one of my strategies…

You may or may not know that I’ve been madly in love with my hubby for 20 years. He lights me up and turns me on in a way that makes me feel like the luckiest girl on Earth. You may also know that we live apart about 70% of the time. This wasn’t our plan—but it’s our current reality. He works and lives in Arizona during the week—I in California—and we’re creative about how and where we spend our time together.

In my perfect day, Jan and I are living our dream: the “endless summer.” In increments of six weeks to three months, we live in cities where it’s summer. Always, endlessly summer. A perfect year might look like this (starting in January):

Sydney, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Barcelona, Spain
Caribbean Cost of Costa Rica

You see that San Diego plays home base. And because the sun shines here most of the year (and we own a house here), we return between adventures to take care of business, connect with our son, and plan our next adventure.

My understanding of my “perfect day” started with a desired feeling… a state of being. But now, I can show you what it looks like in full detail…

Let’s say we’re in Lisbon, Portugal:

It’s before 7:00 a.m., and Jan and I are sitting in the day’s fresh new sunshine at an outdoor coffee shop, eating delicious food that’s every color. We’re fully at ease… laughing and talking and discussing news and events and our plans for the day. After he leaves the coffee shop to continue on HIS OWN perfect day, I have a scheduled meeting with a woman there. She’s someone I barely know, but I’m about to get to know her better…

This vibrant and fascinating PrimeTime woman is a new client. And for the next six-to-twelve weeks, I’m going to guide her through creating a life and a brand that sets her soul on fire. I feel butterflies in my stomach about our first solo meeting—it’s like the first day of school. I cannot stop smiling.

I met this woman in a two-day workshop that I hosted in Lisbon. There were about fifty women there, and together, each one of these women uncovered her “essence” through a series of deep and rewarding exercises. Each woman came to understand who she was and what she truly longed for—there were tears and a-ha moments and true new friendships forged—as I gently pushed her toward self-discovery and ownership of her dreams.

The women signed up for the workshop because they saw me give a talk. Maybe a TED-style talk at a local lounge or pub. Maybe a motivational speech at a local concert hall or convention center. But I gave this talk just days after I set foot in Lisbon. And it set the stage for everything I’m to do there during my stay.

There are four or five more women like the one I’m about to meet who’ve signed on to work with me in this way. Each has different dreams, desires, goals, and circumstances. But all of these women are leaning into PrimeTime. They are all designing lives and/or businesses that totally turn them on. I feel blessed—honored—to be part of this. And I can’t wait to get started…

In my perfect day, I am always living within a SET OF CONDITIONS that were carefully created through a tested and proven STRATEGY:

I’m in a city that’s not my own.
I’ve been exposed to a thousand women in this city through a speech.
I’ve gotten to know 25-50 of them over two days’ time in a workshop.
I’ll get to know 5-6 of them intimately over a few months.

I am rooted in this city—even though it’s new and not my own—because I’ve bonded with these women. I’ve created true connection and community (my heart’s deepest desire) through a message of love and power that I believe it is my purpose to deliver.

I am far away from home and right at home, all at the same time. As I walk through the streets, grocery shop, sip Sangria at dusk, or dance to local music… I run into women who recognize me and trust me. We strike up conversation. I feel whole.

Once or twice a year, I bring women from ALL of these cities (and more) together at a retreat in San Diego. I go home… and bring the most vividly beautiful souls of each city (its powerful PrimeTime women) to share my own city.

My vision of my perfect future day (laughs in the morning sunshine, lazy afternoon sex with my hunky hubby on white cotton sheets with the ocean in our view, interesting new friends, exotic flavors, sites, and sounds…) drives the business strategy I’m designing and perfecting TODAY:

>>Speech>>Workshop>>Transformational one-one-one coaching>>Deep-Dive Group Retreat

When Jan and I first began to discuss the “endless summer” it was simply a phrase and an unidentified feeling:

Wanderlust played out in a glorious sun-shower.

But we’re only 18 months away from a little “test-run” now when we’ll take a longish vacation… And I can see and taste it in a way I never have.

I hear lots of business mentors and coaches say, “You’ve gotta know your WHY.” And I think that’s true… in a very basic sense.

What I believe is that you’ve gotta know your DESIRED STATE. Your PERFECT DAY. What TURNS YOU ON. What SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE…

You’ve gotta know what pure joy LOOKS LIKE if you’re gonna pursue it.

And then, you need a workable strategy to get there.

Many of you have watched me for years—introducing and testing new programs, expanding my skill set and stretching, putting myself out there in ways that might seem risky…

I do these things not because I’m bored, or because I simply desire to go “next level.” While things were admittedly murky when I  began… over time I’ve become uber-specific in my objectives.

I developed my business STRATEGY because it’s filled with moments that I LOVE, that will take me to the perfect day that I LONG FOR.

My vision (the endless summer with my honey) and desire (deep and meaningful connection in exotic locations) drive my strategy (speech>>workshop>>coaching>>retreat).

Can you close your eyes and see an element of your perfect day? Something that makes your heart skip a beat? Something that feels so rich and utterly sublime and REAL that you can’t get it out of your head?

If not, I implore you to start imagining. Because believe me, it’s a helluva a lot easier to get up and push through the day when you see the possibilities on the other side.

I started typing this message at 4:00 a.m. And I was excited to do it…

Let your dreams define your strategies.
Let your strategies drive your tactics.
And design a life that makes you leap out of bed each morning.

Will you share in the comments below a snippet of your dream day? Just a taste of what pure satisfaction looks like for you?

Because it all starts as a tiny, hot little spark…
And before you know it, you’re on FIRE.

P.S. If you’re a PrimeTime woman and your DREAM DAY is something you’ve never considered, join us in the 7-Day Revolution. I’ll show you how to DARE to dream… to SEE your perfect life. So you can create strategies to live your perfect day. Click here for full details.

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40 Years and 12 Weeks
15/12/18 Uncategorized

40 Years and 12 Weeks

It took me forty years and 12 weeks to write a book.

Forty years to think about it, talk about it, tell other people I was going to do it… 

Forty years to stress about it, hate myself for not doing it, hate other people for stealing my ideas…

Forty years to wonder if the world would like it, hide from the potential criticism, and tell myself I wasn’t good enough…

Forty years to beat around the proverbial bush. (Which, by the time I was nearly 50, had grown to the size of a redwood.)

>>I spent the first ten of those years telling myself I wasn’t old enough. I wasn’t ready.

>>I spent the last ten of those years telling myself I was too old. No one would want to hear what I had to say, and there wasn’t enough time left, anyway. 

>>And I spent the twenty years in between telling myself I had more important things to do—a son to raise, a career to foster, a business to manage, money to make, houses to buy, a marriage to serve and protect, parties to plan, vacations to take, sh&% to do around the house… I actually convinced myself that writing a book would be “irresponsible.”

And then one morning, I had a massive realization. A shift that changed me forever.

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No one warned me. So I’m warning you.
13/12/18 Uncategorized

No one warned me. So I’m warning you.

No one warned me about what would happen in middle age.

That the shape of my body would change, but the shape of my dreams wouldn’t.

That I’d nurse both of my parents through soul-wrenching illnesses while raising a son, and that I’d lose all three of them.

That I’d feel more sexual, but worry that I wasn’t as sexy.

That I’d finally master a 25-year career, and then grow entirely bored with it.

That I’d hear a calling to do something grand—something magnificent—but be terrified to answer that call.

That I’d care less what people thought, and at the same time believe I was worth less because I’d lived more.

That my hormones would shift… and that from moment to moment I could feel rage, love, wonder, despair… and then feel totally stuck.

No one warned me about what would happen in middle age.

But then, no one told me how amazing it could be, either.

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11/12/18 Uncategorized

Too Much? Too Little? Too Late?

Last Saturday night, I looked at our 17-year old son, my mouth hanging open, my hands on my cheeks, and thought to myself:

Who are you??

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