December 2, 2019

Can You Describe Yourself Without Saying Any of These Things?

Can You Describe Yourself Without Saying Any of These Things?

I’d love to play a little game with you. I’ve played it with women around the world now, and I find that each and every time, there’s an a-ha moment for those who take me up on the challenge.

The instructions are simple:

In the comments below, tell me 10 things about yourself.

But before you do, check out the rules:

1. You may NOT mention any relationships in your life.
2. You may NOT mention any roles you play.
3. You may NOT mention any accomplishments you’ve had.
4. You may NOT mention anything you like or dislike.
5. You may NOT mention your education, upbringing, or experiences.

I want to know only about your ESSENCE.

I want to know WHO YOU ARE.

Your ESSENCE is your concentrated “flavor” or “scent.” It’s made up of the things you were born with. The things that are naturally and magnificently yours: your personality, your temperament, your gifts, your talents, your proclivities.

Your ESSENCE is also the very thing that will set you apart from everyone else competing in your field. It’s what will ATTRACT your ideal clients to you (they’ll be ideal, precisely because they’re attracted to an ESSENCE like yours).

The beautiful thing about ATTRACTION is that it’s a singular sensation, between two specific people. I am attracted to someone. Someone is attracted to me. This ATTRACTION is based, first and foremost, on ESSENCE.

No one has more ESSENCE or less ESSENCE. In the same way that Chanel perfume has no more or less ESSENCE than Dior perfume. They are simply DIFFERENT–comprised of a variety of elements drawn from nature, the combination of which makes an exclusive fragrance.

YOU have an exclusive ESSENCE.
It’s an ESSENCE that will automatically attract certain individuals. Just like perfume…
It’s powerful. It’s natural. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect.

When you come to understand that your ESSENCE is perfectly enough, you’ll take the first step in owning its power. And the first critical step in building a PERSONAL BRAND with the power of MASSIVE ATTRACTION.

Next Thursday, December 5, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, I’m going to talk about ESSENCE in my ALL NEW MASTERCLASS ON PERSONAL BRANDING.
Click the link, reserve your seat, and meet me there. I want to see exactly what you’re made of.

Until then, tell me 10 things about yourself. And follow the rules.

Show me your ESSENCE. And I’ll show you your POWER.

P.S. Next Thursday’s masterclass will be like nothing you’ve ever heard on PERSONAL BRANDING. If you’re looking for the confidence and clarity to take everything in your business or profession next-level, then show up Thursday. You owe it to yourself, and to your ESSENCE.

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