November 24, 2020

Creating Safe Spaces For Sisterhood – A No-Bullshit Conversation With Erica Courdae

A Critical Conversation

While we may be “distanced” in a way we’ve never been before, we’re all still sharing spaces. And if you’re anything like me and most of the women I work with, we’re creating spaces, too.

…Spaces for conversation or for work to get done. Spaces for relationships to grow or ideas and innovations to manifest. Spaces for connection or community. Spaces for all kinds of shit to happen… in all kinds of ways.

And one of the most enlightening conversations I’ve had in a long time is the one I recently hosted with Erica Courdae–coach, speaker, podcaster, and diversity and inclusion expert–about Creating Safe Spaces For Sisterhood.

The points we cover were meant to apply to creating spaces for womxn in your life and your work, but turned out to be valuable in building bridges across all kinds of divides.

In this no-bullshit back-and-forth, Erica and I cover critical topics such as:

  • The personal mess-ups and hard lessons I’ve experienced in the last year while attempting to create safe spaces in my work with womxn
  • Better listening practices we can ALL apply to make our conversations safer
    Going beyond the surface of “feminism” (and it’s roots in the KKK) to talk about “womanism”
  • How privilege is different from access, and how we can develop consciousness around our levels of access–because it’s one of the most valuable things we can share.
  • The role women can play as leaders, business owners, brand builders, and thought-leaders to create safe spaces for womxn to say out loud what they want, and help them figure out how to get it.


Watch The Full Conversation:

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