January 19, 2021

Make The Pivot To Premium & DOUBLE Your Prices

Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, shares her view on midlife.

Are you struggling to get paid what you’re worth, reach premium clientele, or raise your prices? Since these things are easier to see in other people, I wanted to share a recent conversation I had with my good friend and elite coach, Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, on exactly this subject.

If you’re someone who’s struggled or is struggling currently to sell yourself or your services when it comes down to it – THIS IS THE JUICE! Listen to Suzanne’s story…

Suzanne is a coach for high performing leaders in corporations – the “The Louis Vuitton of coaching” – but it wasn’t always that way. She has always had a talent for coaching other people to success, but was struggling to see herself in the same light she brought to her clients.

“As a midlife woman, I can tell you what my kids have done. But it was really helpful to stretch myself with your help, because you could see what I wasn’t yet seeing for myself.

How often can we praise the work of others, but not see the beauty in our own?

Once we started exploring her results as IP – a deliverable, repeatable system – she started to realize her own mastery, and everything changed. As we started to work together to incorporate this new confidence back into her brand, she made some simple changes in claiming her own mastery and results had impacts beyond her imagination…

“I started getting super clear around what it was that I’m looking for when I’m interviewing a client, and even moving into the headspace: it’s a mutual interview. It’s not me trying to sell myself.”

This shift away from inauthentic selling, to a brand that connected with her ideal clients, allowed Suzanne to more than double her prices–in less than a year–while delivering the EXACT same service she’d been delivering for years.

And why am I sharing all of this with you? Because if you want to raise your rates this year – there is nothing stopping you from applying all these same principles to yourself.

Even if you’re not someone who’s in it for the money, bringing your brand to the next level will allow you to serve your ideal clients in a way that truly lights you up. Beyond financial gain, Suzanne is sincerely proud of the impact to the people she’s serving now. This is what she had to share about the entire process….

“It’s enabled me to elevate my own impact in a way that I didn’t think was possible. It’s taken my experience and my client experience to another level.”

One of my favorite parts she shares in the interview is how proud of herself she is. Before, she says…

“I was totally uncomfortable – second guessing myself. Who the BLEEP do I think I am?”

Now, reading her own website, she gushes…

“I’m so impressed with this person, and guess what – she’s me!”

In our interview about her pivot to prospering in PrimeTime, she talks about:

  • Discovering truths you may not be seeing about yourself, as Suzanne says “the wood through the trees”, and why it takes a trustworthy mirror to see your own beautiful reflection
  • The value of proprietary systems and intellectual property—and how to “discover” your system (even if you’re not sure you have one)
  • How getting clear on your natural Essence of Influence gives you the courage to show up and convert the right clients consistently as a premium brand (and how to show up even when you feel like self-promotion is sleazy)


Hear the whole story of how Suzanne came to view herself as the “Louis Vuitton of Coaching”, beating her self doubt and stories around self-promotion below.

Watch the full interview, here. And see how to make your pivot to a premium brand & DOUBLE your prices.


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