March 13, 2019

This guy made me so angry, I interviewed him.

This guy made me so angry, I interviewed him.

A few months ago, a young online entrepreneur totally triggered me with a Facebook post he made about women. I was so pissed my head nearly exploded. Yesterday, I featured him on my social media pages in a full-length interview. Branding is act of bravery. And this guy? He’s a warrior.

I’ve long held the belief that great branding takes immense courage–and I’ve watched this theory prove out with my clients (and break-through brands worldwide) for more than 30 years.

When we’re ultra-specific about what we provide, HOW we provide it, and the slice of humanity we’ve created it for… everything else falls to the wayside. When we CHOOSE who we serve and HOW, we give up the option to serve everyone. (Hint: It’s ok to give that up. It was never really an option, anyway.)

This bravery has taken on a beautiful new form as of late: values-based branding. And for midlife women, this opens the doors to incredible opportunity.

Publicly declaring your values (especially the ones that polarize) is the fastest, truest, cheapest, most effective way to build a clientele of like-minded individuals who are loyal and committed to you and your cause. Regardless of what you sell.

The number one thing you can do to create REAL connection with your prospects–to show them your heart and cultivate their trust–is to tell them what you believe in. Then SHOW them how you’ll stand behind what you say, by engaging in open and thoughtful conversation with folks on both sides of the argument.

How do you do this? By putting forth unpopular beliefs. By promoting what may feel like blasphemy to some… and gospel to others.

Taking a stand costs zero dollars in marketing. But it does require you to be radically transparent–which may cost you the imaginary benefits of “faking it till you make it” or being all things to all people.

It requires you to give folks a window into your ESSENCE.

Today I interviewed Kyree Oliver, a smart, irreverent, delightfully cocky, and infinitely likable powerhouse–about how he uses social media to communicate his brand. And how he makes sure people are pickin’ up what he’s puttin’ down.

I was first drawn to Kyree’s social media posts (he was an absolute stranger to me) because they outraged me. I became a fan when I disagreed with his positions, and he artfully and graciously invited my opposing views into the conversation.

He showed what he was made of by using my dissent (and that of others) to start a REAL conversation about REAL things.

I don’t always agree with Kyree, but after three decades in this profession, I can spot a brand that transcends in seconds. And Kyree is waaaay more than skin-deep. Kyree showed me his heart before I ever met him.

Kyree is branding his ESSENCE. And he’s doing it brilliantly. It’s bringing him joy, making him bank, and allowing him to live in purpose and integrity every single day.

Watch the interview here.

WARNING: Kyree’s statements are bold, brash, and confrontational for some. There’s strong language here… But the step-by-step advice to winning hearts and minds is infinitely stronger.

Brand your heart and soul. And you’ll win theirs.


How to Brand Your Juju
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