July 27, 2019

That Time When Rick Rubin Taught me to Fish

That Time When Rick Rubin Taught me to Fish

Last night I became transfixed by a new series on Showtime about the music producer, Rick Rubin. The four-part series is named for his ethereal Malibu, California studio, Shangri-La, which has served as a “blank slate” for musical brilliance since the late 1960’s.

I was hooked in the first five minutes. And three hours past my bedtime, I was disappointed when it ended.

Rick Rubin has been a fixture in the music that’s defined my life. He made records with LL Cool J, Run DMC, The Cult, The Black Crowes, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, Nine-Inch Nails, Sheryl Crow (and that’s just a sampling from four of the forty years he’s been producing.) He has an undefinable gift—an extraordinary talent—for facilitating self-development in artists.

In a nutshell, he creates space and a carefully-crafted environment for artists to be their “best selves.”

In an interview with LL Cool J (who still—after thirty years—can smile and cause my heart to skip a beat), Rick Rubin says something so eloquently simple about the creative process that I rewound it and listened again and again. Here’s the exchange:

 L Cool J: What increases the chances of writing a great song?

Rick Rubin:

Just practice. And being diligent in the process of always looking. Always looking for the next best song. Not thinking, OK, I need 10 songs, I’m gonna write ten songs. You might need to write 50. You may need to write a thousand to find ten good ones. It’s like fishing. You can’t say you’re gonna catch fish. But you can show up and fish every day, and your chances get better. The more you fish, the more fish you’ll catch.”

This fishing mindset? It’s everything when it comes to putting yourself out there and connecting with your audience. EVERYTHING.

If you show up to fish every day, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of connecting with those you want to serve. Of “catching” their attention, and touching their hearts.


It will be right here—on San Diego’s Mission Bay, surrounded by a group of amazing PrimeTime talents, and inspired by love, expert training, and carefully crafted exercises–that you’ll encounter an impeccable space and ideal environment to BRAND YOUR HEART AND SOUL.

It’s a full three-days of the most SPECTACULAR kind of fishing…

Showing up.

Putting yourself in the creative flow.

Being present to acts of bravery by PrimeTime women.

Diving into a community of support and encouragement.

Developing stories that truly engage your prospects.

Getting in touch with your true essence so you can attract your most ideal clients.

Opening your mind and heart to how you’re utterly, fantastically different.

Coming to grips with the size of your own potential, and a vision for bringing it to the world.

Practicing the sales process and falling in love with the act of bringing on new clients.

Give a woman a fish, and she’ll grill it with lemon and capers for an awesome dinner…

Teach her to fish, and she’ll increase her level of visibility, influence, impact, and income… forever and ever.


But do it today. Because EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS THIS WEEK and there are only 50 TOTAL SEATS AVAILABLE

You don’t want to miss out on the best fishing this season.

I can’t wait to help you be your very best self.

Straight from the heart,



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